3 years of warranty 2

We offer the industry's first three-year warranty.2


3 years of warranty

We offer the industry's first three-year warranty.


New Products

Faster on the market and in the
with integrated Drive Systems

Service & Repair

In addition to providing professional services to its own brand, any industry gearbox manufacturer or model can be serviced, maintained, repaired and upgraded.
Repair Service includes all actions required to investigate product status and to repair or replace damaged parts or assembly groups to restore functionality.
Our experts analyze, repair, maintain, and optimize components at the Maker manufacturer level. Perform all service operations throughout the product lifecycle, from feature maintenance to performance improvements.
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  • Site Services

    Site and maintenance services support commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    Comprehensive maintenance concepts and service contracts optimize plant availability and product and system use.
    Condition monitoring services help you plan and optimize maintenance tasks for maximum profitability and optimal production efficiency. Reduce costs and provide fast customized solutions to reduce downtime, relax, and improve machine operability.
    Our data collectors consist of rugged tablet PCs and sensors that can be instrumented by wireless interfaces, and the software can analyze vibration along with root metering.
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    • Installation check설치 확인

    • Coupling Alignment check커플 링 정렬 점검

    • Vibration analysis진동 분석