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Aerator Drives- Drives for sewage Treatment Plants

we supply complete Flender drive units for sewage treatment plants:
1) Raking equipment
    with geared motors or helical gear units
2) Sand catchers
    with geared or worm geared motors
3) Presetting tanks
    with geared or worm geared motors
4) Rakes / Scrapers
    Helical worm geared motors or Helical and worm gear units for
    longitudinal rakes, band type sludge scrapers, suction type sludge
    scrapers, rotary rakes
5) Activating basins with aerator
    - For low power ratings
      Geared motors with agitator hub (Fig.1)
    - For ratings above 15 kw
       -Gear units according to K21 can be used in aerator drives if no or 
        relatively low additional forces are acting on the shafts.
        (Types H2SV,H3SV,B3SV:on request)
       -Gear unit types H2SV,H3SV and B3BV with short bell housing
       -Gear unit type XSBH with variable immersion depth (Fig.3)
       -PLANUREX planetary gear unit design for activation with pure
        oxygen (Fig.2)
6) Brush roll drives
    Bevel-helical gear unit type W3BS (Fig.4)
7) Sludge pre-thickeners
    Geared or worm geared motors
8) Thickener with central drive
    - CAVEX worm gear unit combination with short (standard)and long
      output side bell housing (Fig.5)
    - Gear unit combination with ball bearing ring mount connection, with 
      variable immersion depth
9) Digestion towers
    Agitator drives, geared or worm geared motors
10) Screw pumps
     Bevel-helical or worm geared motors, with and without belt drives
11) Filter presses
     Geared or worm geared motors, helical gear units, output shaft with
     speed variation 

윗글 : Gear Units 카다로그 (MD20.1)
아래글 : 수처리설비용 기어박스

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