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As the leading supplier of drive technology for primary production and material extraction, we are very familiar with all of the requirements for mine operation. For decades we have worked together with our customers to develop optimized and integrated solutions that meet the needs of extreme on-site tasks. To ensure permanent conveyor system availability over long routes, in restricted spaces and in hot mountainous terrain with little water, we have adapted our various solutions completely with regard to situational conditions.
Technical infomation
Agitator drives
 Type  B3DH09  B3DH06  H4DH13
 Power rating  90.0 kW  30.0 kW  104.0 kW
 Input speed  1785 1/min  1785 1/min  1800 1/min
 Output speed  43.64 1/min  36.41 1/min  15.0 1/min
 Ratio  40.902  49.021  118.306
 Lubricant  ISO VG 320  ISO VG 320  ISO VG 320
 Output shaft  Hollow shaft with Shrink disc  Hollow shaft with Shrink disc  Hollow shaft with Shrink disc


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